XASECO2 Plugins Repository

This table provides an overview of all 60 third-party plugins for XASECO2 that were properly released via the forum. Detailed information and downloads are available via the linked pages. Plugins listed here are not officially endorsed in any way. Use third-party plugins at your own risk.

Name Version Author Description Link
Alternate Scoretable 0.9.4 Undef.de Alternate scoreboard with more player information Details
Alternative Admin 1.0 Reaby Provides admin commands in a different way Details
Auto Team Adjustment 0.9.5 Undef.de Automatic adjustment of teams in Team mode Details
Auto Track Manager 1.0 sotn0r Remove / delete tracks from tracklist if track karma got lower than a given value Details
Badwords Judge 0.9.9 Undef.de Punish a player (pay Planets) for using badwords Details
Best Checkpoint Times 1.0.2 Undef.de See the best time/score at each checkpoint Details
Cheated Records Killer 0.9.4 Undef.de Remove cheated record safely from local database using manialink list Details
Checkpoints Counter 0.99 Lambda Counts crossed CP's on the track Details
Countdown for Servername 1.0 Reaby Changes server name to count down to an event Details
Countdown widget 2.0 Reaby Widget to count down to an event Details
CP Records widget 0.94 junglepatrol Displays the best checkpoint-times in a widget Details
cp_compare 4.6.1 aca Compare CP times Details
DBTools jimpower Clean-up/maintenance for local database Details
Favourites 0.1.0 TheM Make a list of your favourite maps Details
FBLike 0.9.2 sotn0r Display a Facebook likes widget Details
forceMods 0.5.4 Schmidi Force loading one or random mod before every round, can be used to customize the loading screen Details
Fufi AutoQueue 0.75a TheM Creates a spectator queue to let those players join first who came first Details
Fufi Menu 2.03beta maniatwister Displays a graphical menu that executes chat commands by clicking the entries Details
Fufi Widgets 2.05 maniatwister Display multiple graphical widgets on your server Details
Gerymania 0.9.6 Undef.de Manage Gerymania records in Stunts mode Details
Greeting Dude 0.9.2 Undef.de Say automatic 'hello' to each connecting player Details
Handicap 0.40 Mikey Handicap results screen for TimeAttack Details
Info Widget 1.0.1 Undef.de Displays all system messages into a window instead of the chat Details
IRC Bot 0.1.4 TheM Link MP server to IRC channel Details
Karma Vote widget 0.1.0 TheM Widget for showing and performing local karma votes Details
KnockOut 0.1.0 TheM Run knockout race mode Details
Lazy Buttons 0.9.3 Undef.de Buttons with chat commands for lazy players Details
Lerya 2.1 Phenom Race graphic viewer Details
Loadscreen 0.1 kremsy Displays an image between maps Details
Mania Karma 2.0.1 Undef.de World database for track karma votes Details
ManiaRecords 1.1.7 jimpower An online world-record database Details
matchOverlay 0.5 Chris92 Display current standings in Team mode Details
Nickname sync 1.2.1 Undef.de Synchronize the nicknames from global records Details
Nouse Betting 1.0.1 Nouseforname A betting plugin to guess who wins Details
Nouse Link 1.0.1 Nouseforname Display an in-game manialink with 3 windows Details
Nouse Message 1.0.1 Nouseforname Display an in-game manialink with message text Details
Nouse Random Pay 1.0.3 Nouseforname Pay planets to a random player at round's end Details
Pay2Play 1.01 Leigham Allows players to pay planets in order to replay a track Details
Personal Best Checkpoints 1.3.2 Undef.de Display differences between checkpoint times for each run Details
Personal Best Medals 1.0.3 Undef.de Displays medals for local records Details
Personal Mommy 0.9.3 Undef.de For players who can't stop playing Details
Private Message Window 0.9.1 Undef.de Send a private message to player selected from manialink list Details
R-AutoLaps 1.5.1 RamCUP2000 Automatic adjustment of track's laps Details
R-AutoTime 1.1.1 RamCUP2000 Automatic adjustment of track's time Details
Records-Eyepiece 1.1.1 Undef.de Display multiple graphical widgets on your server Details
ReplayCharge 1.22 Leigham Allows players to pay planets in order to replay a track Details
RSS Reader 1.0.2 Nouseforname Display RSS feed in-game Details
Server Neighborhood 1.4.8 Undef.de Link all of your servers to each other Details
Serverlink 0.0.2 jimpower Displays info about your other TM2-Servers Details
Skiptimer 1.0 malun22 Allows players with the appropriate privilege level to create a timer to skip the current map Details
SpecJam 0.75 Mikey Sorts out the spectator traffic jam Details
SpykeAllCps 1.2 Spyker Shows info on all Dedimania and local checkpoints Details
SwearBox 1.1.0 Leigham A badwords plugin that charges planets to unmute Details
switchServer 0.5.1 Schmidi A sophisticated server switcher that can use different connection methods Details
TeamRace 3.0 Maverick00 Manage the game's team mode Details
TeamRelay 3.0 Maverick00 Run team-based relay race mode Details
Teamspeak3 Info 0.9.9 Undef.de Display a Teamspeak3 widget and info window Details
Third-Party Plugins UpToDate 0.9.3 Undef.de Checks whether third-party plugins are up-to-date Details
Vote Manager 1.0.0 Undef.de Limit CallVote requests Details
WhoKarma 0.1.2 TheM Provides the /whokarma command Details
Last updated: 2019-07-20