Mania Karma





World database for track karma votes
The plugin Mania Karma is a replacement of the already known plugin RASP/Karma, which allows any player to vote for a track. Those votes were saved in the local database until now.
This plugin saves those votes - like Dedimania-records - to a central server.

The rating system has been upgraded and doesn't only provide the chance to rate a track with "/++" or "/--", but all in all there are now six rating alternatives:
/+++, /++, /+, /-, /--, /---
The plugin includes a widget for these votes.

Chat commands

- /karma - shows karma-values of current track
- /karma help - shows help for the plugin
- /karma about - shows the current version of the plugin
- /karma lottery - shows the current won amount of coppers (only for TMU players)
- /karma details - shows karma-standings for current map only
Only for MasterAdmins:
- /karma reload - reloading of mania_karma.xml and reconnection with the central database
- /karma export - export of recent Track-Votes to
- /karma uptodate - check if there is a new version of the karma plugin


1. unzip the script to xaseco2 base directory
2. see the included Install(EN/DE).txt files for detailed installation instructions.
3. edit xaseco2's plugins.xml and include the following line:
4. in plugins.xml find the following line and comment it out or delete it:
5. restart xaseco2


Configure the widget and other parameters in mania_karma.xml. See the Options(EN/DE).txt files for detailed descriptions.


- This Plugin works only with XASECO2/1.03 or higher!

Change notes

See the included CHANGELOG.txt file for the extensive change log.




File Version Date Size Downloads
mania_karma2(2.0.1).zip 2.0.1 2016-07-20 50.69 KB 1075
mania_karma2(2.0.0).zip 2.0.0 2014-12-14 50.65 KB 1128