by jimpower




An online world-record database
ManiaRecords is an online world-record database plugin. The world records that you drive on servers that use this plugin are stored in a centralized database. The records of ManiaRecords are displayed on MX.


This system and plugin have been retired.


- Global, server-independent World-Record Logging
- Cross-Servertool compatible (XAseco2, FoxControl, Manialive)
- Database and statistics on the web
- Records are displayed on MX
- High configurable
- Records-Eyepiece integration
- Compatible to undef's Info-Widget


1. unzip the script to xaseco2 base directory
2. edit xaseco2's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco2


Configure the widgets and other parameters in worldrecords.xml.

Changes in v1.1.7

- Bugfix

Changes in v1.1.6

- Bugfix

Changes in v1.1.5

- Optimized performance by Transmission-Queue
- Reduced amount of data thats transferred

Changes in v1.1.4

- Position of the detail window can be changed
- Info-Widget support can be disabled
- Banlist support

Changes in v1.1.3

- Added <ForcePanelDisplay> to the config. Enable this if you see no panel during race.

Changes in v1.1.2

- Added a check if Records-Eyepiece is active to hide the panel automatically
- Added <DisableRacePanel> and <DisableScorePanel> to the config
- Disabled the <debug>-Tag in the config. Start debugging by /maniarecords debugon
- Update messages are now displayed on important updates only

Changes in v1.1.1

- Interim Release, no big changes

Changes in v1.1.0

- Bugfix. Now everything seems to be stable




File Version Date Size Downloads
world_records(1.1.7).zip 1.1.7 2011-10-12 11.7 KB 1806
world_records(1.1.6).zip 1.1.6 2011-10-11 11 KB 1312
world_records(1.1.4).zip 1.1.4 2011-10-10 10.17 KB 1274
world_records(1.1.3).zip 1.1.3 2011-10-08 9.42 KB 1565
world_records(1.1.2).zip 1.1.2 2011-10-08 9.32 KB 1490
world_records(1.1.0).zip 1.1.0 2011-10-07 8.98 KB 1304