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Limit CallVote requests
This Plugin allows the Admin to limit the voting requests, so that the (new) Players cannot start a rejected vote again and again. A restart vote for a Map does not restart as soon as the vote passed, the restart is delayed until the end of the Race. If a restart vote passed and a Player wants to start a skip vote, then this is rejected.

Within the Widget everybody can easily see the state of the current vote. There is a line inside, which marks the ratio to reach for a successful vote.

Supported CallVotes: RestartMap, NextMap
Supported Gamemodes: Rounds, TimeAttack, Team, Laps, Cup, Stunts

Chat Commands

/helpvote - Open the HelpWindow
/restart or /res - Start a vote to restart the current Map
/skip or /next - Start a vote to skip the current Map
/yes or F5 - Accept the current vote
/no or F6 - Reject the current vote
/votemanager reload - Reload the vote_manager.xml file (requires MasterAdmin access)


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


Configure the plugin in vote_manager.xml.


- This Plugin works only with XAseco/1.16+
- This Plugin works only with TMF
- This Plugin requires plugin.rasp_jukebox.php
- Do not use this Plugin in combination with plugin.rasp_votes.php, because this uses the same chat command "/helpvote".
- Do not use this Plugin in combination with jfreu.plugin.php/, because this uses the same chat commands "/yes" and "/no".

Changes in v1.0.0

- none

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Changed all <images>'s to ManiaCDN

- none

Changes in v0.9.9

- This release require min. XAseco/1.16!
- Added chat-command "/votemanager reload" to reload the vote_manager.xml (thanks tyjo)
- Added the possibility for ignoring all votes from a list of Logins, see <ignore_list>

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Added <ignore_list>*
- Added <messages><vote_ignored>
- Changed <images><thumb_up> and <images><thumb_down> to the new URL

- Rasp-Jukebox message "The next map will be MAP as requested by PlayerNickname'''", the "'''" are displayed as "&apos;&apos;&apos;"

Changes in v0.9.8

- Now this Plugin can handle the commands "/admin pass" and "/admin cancel" (thanks reaby)

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- none

- none

Changes in v0.9.7

- none

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Changed <voting><timeout_limit> from '30' to '46'
- Changed <voting><countdown> from '60' to '45'

- When a Admin clicks the Pass button (same as "/admin pass") and the <mode> is set to 'Replay', then the Track are not restarting (thanks xcaliber, TheBigG)

Changes in v0.9.6

- It is now possible to choose between "Restart" (old mode before 0.9.5) and "Replay" (new mode since 0.9.5) (thanks TheBigG)
- Changed all "Map" into "Track"

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Added <mode>

- none

Changes in v0.9.5

- Now the Plugin 'plugin.rasp_jukebox.php' is required
- Instead of a restart at the Score, now a positive restart vote add the current Track to the Jukebox, so the restarted Track has also a new Song and not the same as before (thanks tyjo)

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- none

- Setting <widget><pos_y> to a interger value (e.g. '48') results into a torn VoteWidget (thanks tyjo)

Changes in v0.9.4

- The original 'CallVoteRatios' and 'CallVoteTimeOut' are restored at the event 'onShutdown'

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Changed in documentation "RestartChallenge" to "ChallengeRestart" at <dedicated_server>

- Callvote are not disabled, only when setup <disable_callvotes> to 'true' (thanks Kripke)

Changes in v0.9.3

- none

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Changed "then" to "than" in <messages><vote_restart_limited> (thanks Xymph)

- The event 'onVotingRestartChallenge' are not released, but the event 'onVotingRestartMap' (from the TM2 release)
- Starting a /skip or /restart vote in an other Gamemode then TimeAttack did nothing (thanks Kripke)
- If the limit from <voting><max_restarts> is reached, then is a /skip vote also not allowed (thanks Kripke)

Changes in v0.9.2

- Included support for clicks at the admin panel "pass" and "cancel" (thanks Leigham)

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- none

- Sendout the empty Widgets every second to all Players

Changes in v0.9.1

- Replaced the event release of 'onVotingRestartChallenge' away from 'onEndRace1' to the right place
- Now it is possible to limit the amount of restarts for a Map, no more then the given amount of restarts for each Map allowed (thanks max)

Changes in the vote_manager.xml:
- Replaced everywhere 'Map' with 'Track'
- Added <voting><max_restarts>
- Added <messages><vote_restart_limited>

- Ugly HelpWindow style fixed (was untouched copy from TM2)
- Some style mistakes fixed




File Version Date Size Downloads
vote_manager(1.0.0).zip 1.0.0 2016-07-20 23.77 KB 1201
vote_manager(0.9.9).zip 0.9.9 2014-01-04 23.75 KB 1269
vote_manager(0.9.8).zip 0.9.8 2012-03-21 23.94 KB 1476
vote_manager(0.9.7).zip 0.9.7 2012-02-28 23.72 KB 1295
vote_manager(0.9.6).zip 0.9.6 2012-02-05 23.59 KB 1261
vote_manager(0.9.5).zip 0.9.5 2012-02-03 23.41 KB 1514
vote_manager(0.9.4).zip 0.9.4 2012-01-25 22.94 KB 1229
vote_manager(0.9.3).zip 0.9.3 2012-01-24 22.65 KB 1261
vote_manager(0.9.2).zip 0.9.2 2012-01-21 22.47 KB 1252
vote_manager(0.9.1).zip 0.9.1 2012-01-16 22.28 KB 1261
vote_manager(0.9.0).zip 0.9.0 2012-01-15 21.73 KB 1227