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Display current standings in Team mode
Livestreaming and broadcasting is a more and more important part of eSports. Every major eSports event is broadcasted and broadcasting is also up and coming in the Trackmania scene.

The only real thing that the spectator mode of Trackmania lacks is a nice overlay that displays the current standings in Team mode. matchOverlay helps here!
Inspired by the plugin "tSplash" which was developed for ESL TV by svenstucki, matchOverlay is meant to bring you a visually appealing overlay and even more useful features for broadcasters in the future. Customization options will be added in an upcoming release, which will feature a config file.

Chat commands

These commands require at least Admin permissions.

/moverlay enable Activates the plugin & overlay.
/moverlay disable Hides the overlay for everyone.
/moverlay to <all/players/spectators> Who should see the overlay? (Default: only Spectators)
/moverlay team <1/2> <team name> Lets you set names for the teams (1 = Blue team / 2 = Red team).
/moverlay team auto <1/2> Set automatic team name detection
/moverlay mscore <Score1> <Score2> With this command you can set the overall score of the match (Will be automated in a future release).
/moverlay about Displays a bit of information about the plugin.


1. unzip the script to xaseco[2] base directory
2. edit xaseco[2]'s plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco[2]

Changes in v0.5

- Added Automatic Team Name Detection based on common strings in nicknames.
Command: /moverlay team auto <1/2> // 1 = Blue, 2 = Red

Changes in v0.4

- Fixed a bug where the Team Score would be displayed incorrectly when Team Red was leading.

Changes in v0.3

- Re-written / cleaned up code
- Added support for TM²
- Added Config file (moverlay.xml) for customization
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where overall score could be set to something non-numerical

Changes in v0.2

- Added support for's "Third Party Plugins UpToDate" (
- Made mOverlay disappear at the scoreboard (you'll be able to change this behaviour next release in the config file)
- mOverlay now automatically gets disabled if you switch to a gamemode other than TEAM (!requires XAseco 1.15b!)
- mOverlay now can only be activated in TEAM mode, you'll get an error message in any other mode.




File Version Date Size Downloads
match_overlay(0.5).zip 0.5 2014-02-11 19.52 KB 1225
match_overlay(0.4).zip 0.4 2013-09-29 6.39 KB 1201
match_overlay(0.3).zip 0.3 2013-04-13 6.29 KB 1362
match_overlay(0.2).zip 0.2 2013-03-30 5.02 KB 1293
match_overlay(0.1a).zip 0.1a 2013-03-30 4.16 KB 1278