by Maverick00




Manage the game's team mode
This keeps:
the number of won maps;
the number of points earned;
history scores for each map.

The visual appearance is completely changed by the menu for quick use, and by chat commands for further customize colors.
Background images are changed by using the menu configuration file TeamRace.xml, but also by the chat command.
The naming of teams can be done by using the menu by the names who are in the configuration file, or by an order of the chat by copying the tag, including special characters.
The plugin can be enabled or disabled on the server directly from the "display" menu on or off.
The "start" menu resets all counters to zero and restart the map.


1. unzip the script to xaseco2 base directory
2. edit xaseco2's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco2


Edit TeamRace.xml for configuration options.

Changes in v3.0

- Increasingly, the internet addresses have changed for the images that are in the plugin because the server that hosted the changed.

Changes in v2.4

- After update of MP3, avoid to twice 'start' to reset the scores to zero

Changes in v2.3

- Adding names of teams to choose from the menu

Changes in v2.2

- Fixed display of "tournament" at the next map.

Changes in v2.1

- Modified for a restart of the map retaining the previous scores

Changes in v2.0

- Matches can be saved and displayed on a web page




File Version Date Size Downloads
teamrace2(3.0).zip 3.0 2015-01-21 57.86 KB 972
teamrace2(2.4).zip 2.4 2014-05-04 57.43 KB 961
teamrace2(2.3).zip 2.3 2014-01-18 57.38 KB 1160
teamrace2(2.2).zip 2.2 2013-09-10 56.62 KB 1287
teamrace2(2.1).zip 2.1 2013-06-14 56.62 KB 1091
teamrace2(2.0).zip 2.0 2013-06-09 56.52 KB 1098
teamrace2(1.0).zip 1.0 2013-06-02 8.51 KB 1054