by Maverick00




Run team-based relay race mode
This is a plugin to run in relay mode on a server. During the game, you can choose to watch the player who rolls by clicking on its name in the team where it is.

The ranking is done by:
1) The number of laps
2) The number of cps
3) Time

The server must be in TA.
To configure the server appropriately for the relay mode, type /teamrelay start
To set the number of turns in the game without restarting XAseco2, type /teamrelay nbtour 6 (6 for example, or another number)


1. unzip the script to xaseco2 base directory
2. edit xaseco2's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco2

Changes in v3.0

- Fixed bug of the standings after the late rounds
- A player can change the name of his team in the game
- The admin can change the names of all the teams in the game
- The admin can cancel the renaming of teams during the game
- The admin can change the number of teams during the game

All parameters can be set in the xml file

Changes in v2.1

- Penalty for the player who restart before the first CP

Changes in v2.0

- Fixed display of buttons bugs.
- Adding a menu.
- Opportunity to play several rounds by the same player.
- Penalty for the player who restart to start after the first CP.
- Possibility to choose the number of seconds of the penalty set




File Version Date Size Downloads
teamrelay2(3.0).zip 3.0 2014-09-02 7.25 KB 1052
teamrelay2(2.1).zip 2.1 2014-08-29 6.81 KB 1109
teamrelay2(2.0).zip 2.0 2014-08-28 6.77 KB 978
teamrelay2(1.0).zip 1.0 2014-01-27 5.93 KB 1087