Knockout Cup

by askuri




Creates a cup based on local records
After a warm up phase, where everyone can participate, the first knockout will happen. Meaning, all players who don't have a better serverrank than 'ko_begin_playercount' (see plugin.knockout.php) will not get their records saved in the local database. Their local rank is frozen. These knockouts will happen periodically, knocking out more and more players until only one is left, who is the winner. The time between knockouts is referred to as a 'phase'. In-game, you will find cup information on the top left and in the top-center each player will see how close they are to being knocked-out.

Chat commands

/ko reset - restart cup and go to warmup, locals are kept
/ko skip - skip current phase
/ko refresh - refresh info widget
/ko setphasetime - changes the time between knockouts in hours
/ko addphasetime - makes current phase last x hours longer


1. make a backup of your Xaseco installation!
2. unzip the files to xaseco base directory
3. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
4. restart xaseco

This plugin depends on Records Eyepiece, so it must be installed too!


Default settings for above chat commands and more settings can be set in plugin.knockout.php in the "config" section.




File Version Date Size Downloads
ko_cup(0.1.0).zip 0.1.0 2020-06-13 20.56 KB 444