Nouse Betting

by Nouseforname




A betting plugin to guess who wins
Plugin to serve betting function. All bet participants are fighting for the stake made by all of them. so it's all about being in front of others again. There are several manialink buttons to serve the chatcommands.
This plugin is tested only in TA mode, but should also work in Rounds.

At every new challenge server coppers are checked, if below "minservercoppers" betting will be disabled. It will also be disabled by admin command. With "betenabled" you decide if betting is enabled/disabled with xaseco startup.

If nobody started a bet during "timelimitbet" seconds, betting will be not allowed for running round. If bet started but nobody accepted in "timelimitbet" seconds, bet starter get back his/her stake. Nadeo tax will be deducted.

If bet started and accepted by players but nobody won, stake can be refund or not, depending on "paybacknowin" option. Nadeo tax will be deducted before. Bet participants must have finished the track to be able to win. There are two options ("winneronly") for winning conditions. First is Winner only can win the bet, second is bet winner needs to be in front of other bet participants.

If there is a bet winner he/she will get the stake, in this case Nadeo tax is divided: half is paid by server, half is paid by winner. This system will avoid the server losing too many coppers. The ingame message with coppers and winmessage could take a while, the time is not influenced by the plugin.

There are 4 different manialink windows:
- bet panel, serving the start panel with 5 buttons to bet different amounts. The amount can be configured via betting_config.xml.
- accept panel, serving the accept button and display the stake.
- win panel, giving only a message of who win and how much, cause chat message only is not enough at end of race.
- state panel, displays the total stake, click it to see a list of all bet participants.


/bet "n" bet any amount of coppers above the "minbet" limit (n = coppers)
/accept to accept the started bet with given stake
/betstake to view a list of players and their bet stakes
/betwin to view a list of players and their bet wins (coppers and count)
/bettotalstake to view list of all participants

MasterAdmin and Admin only:
/betstate ON/OFF to enable/disable betting from next new challenge


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


Setting up the plugin is done via xml file betting_config.xml in the xaseco base directory.


The plugin will create a new table "betting" in your database, this is necessary to save the betting data like player, nickname, stake, win, wincount.

Changes in v1.8.2

- bugfix: database table creation failed at start-up

Changes in v1.8.1

- revert v1.8.0 bugfix

Changes in v1.8.0

- bugfix: stolen coppers via donate

Changes in v1.7.0

- add support for Third-Party Plugins UpToDate

Older change notes

See the forum page for the extensive change log.




File Version Date Size Downloads
nouse_betting(1.8.2).zip 1.8.2 2020-01-10 9.82 KB 560
nouse_betting(1.8.1).zip 1.8.1 2012-07-15 9.86 KB 1854
nouse_betting(1.8.0).zip 1.8.0 2012-07-13 9.88 KB 1205
nouse_betting(1.7.0).zip 1.7.0 2012-05-11 9.92 KB 1266
nouse_betting(1.6a).zip 1.6a 2010-07-28 9.84 KB 1340
nouse_betting(1.6).zip 1.6 2010-03-06 9.73 KB 1745
nouse_betting(1.5).zip 1.5 2010-02-26 9.58 KB 1285
nouse_betting(1.4).zip 1.4 2009-11-22 9.39 KB 1430