Private Message Window





Send a private message to player selected from manialink list
This Plugin is a extension for the command "/pm player msg" which allows it to select the player in a window instead of typing the Playerlogin or PlayerID within the command. People that are too lazy to type all those things for /pm will really love this Plugin!

To send a message with this Plugin you have to type "/pmx message" (replace "message" with your message you wish to send). After that you can press ENTER and in the upcoming window you can select the Player to send the message to.

Chat command

/pmx {message} 'Where {message} is a personal message, opens popup window so select whom to send the message'


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


Configure the plugin in private_message_window.xml.


- This Plugin works only with XAseco/1.16+
- This Plugin works only with Trackmania Forever (TMF)!

Changes in v0.9.1

- Changed all <images>'s to ManiaCDN

Changes in v0.9.0

- This version require XAseco/1.16+
- Added private_message_window.xml configuration file

Changes in v0.8.9

- Changed internal Datastructur from Objects to Array
- Changed the Url for the GFX-Bar

Changes in v0.8.8

- Added global Plugins Register Pool to enabling version check (for plugin.third-party-plugins-uptodate.php)
- Completely rebuild the Window where the Players are selected, now it has the same look-and-feel like my other Plugins

Changes in v0.8.7

- Removed the work at the event onPlayerDisconnect
- In Nicknames now all Links and Manialinks are removed
- Bugfix: Include the work at the event onPlayerConnect to init the PMX_RECENT array

Changes in v0.8.6

- New feature: Log all actions to xaseco.log (asked by _relaxedracer)
- Bugfix: Next-/Preview-Page Buttons can release action to send the message to the wrong (not selected) player.




File Version Date Size Downloads
private_message_window(0.9.1).zip 0.9.1 2016-07-20 18.26 KB 897
private_message_window(0.9.0).zip 0.9.0 2013-10-09 18.22 KB 1185
private_message_window(0.8.9).zip 0.8.9 2011-12-04 19.35 KB 1442
private_message_window(0.8.8).zip 0.8.8 2011-10-29 19.35 KB 1469
private_message_window(0.8.7).zip 0.8.7 2010-10-03 17.06 KB 1408
private_message_window(0.8.6).zip 0.8.6 2009-10-26 15.67 KB 1367