Sector Records

by Michixxx93 & amgreborn




Show sector records for tracks

Chat Commands

/secrecs to popup the window for all Sector Records
/mysecrecs to popup the window for your own Sector Records
/showsecrecs true/false to enable/disable permanent window
/delsecs to delete sector records on current challenge (only for (Master)Admins)


1. unzip the script to the parent directory of the xaseco base directory 2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


The manialink and game modes can be configured in bestsecs.xml in the xaseco base directory.

Changes in v1.5

- Added pages to secrecs, fixes issue of displaying a too large window on challenges with many checkpoints
- Removed small/normal window size configuration, secrecs window is now set to a reasonable size
- Removed unnecessary code

Changes in v1.4

- Added /secrecs_cleanupdb chat command to remove duplicate secrecs, old secrecs and faulty secrecs that were caused by previous versions of this plugin

Changes in v1.3

- Fixed a major bug where it would assume that the gameserver's database name is called "aseco"
- Fixed a severe bug where deleting secrecs wouldn't delete the entries from MySQL
- Fixed a heavy bug where improving your own secrecs would overwrite everyone else's own secrecs for that sector with your name and time (many duplicates in database)
- Fixed a minor bug where incorrect times would register (known as the sector 0 bug)
- MySQL entries of a track will now be deleted if the track was removed from the server, can be turned off in bestsecs.xml
- added /delsec chat command to delete single or multiple secrecs at once

Changes in v1.2

- Added permanent window
- Added config file
- Added own Sector Records
- Added <window_enabled> to config
- Added <window_small> to config
- Added time to TOP1 in /mysecrecs
- Added Gamemodes to config
- Added <display_recs> to config to enable/disable the messages
- Added <recs_in_window> to config to show records in TMFWindow
- Changed the option <display_recs>: You can now disable one / the two messages
- Added the times to the messages
- Added command to delete sectorrecords on current challenge: /delsecs
- Message on /delsecs

- Times less than zero
- fixed Sectors if no time is saved (Sec00-Sec0-1)
- Sector times on challenge restart / replay
- Sector times on challenge restart / replay again
- /delsecs only available for (Master)Admins




File Version Date Size Downloads
sector_records(1.5).zip 1.5 2019-02-04 7.95 KB 692
sector_records(1.4).zip 1.4 2018-06-05 8.29 KB 591
sector_records(1.2).rar 1.2 2010-07-31 4.13 KB 1769
sector_records(1.1).rar 1.1 2010-02-12 3.48 KB 1427