Sector records, calendar, chat

by Xai




Show sector records, use calendar or add new chat commands

How to use calendar

Calendar is operated via in-game chat commands:

/addevent <day> <month> <year> <name> Adds an event to the calendar
/remevent <eventnr> Removes an event from the calendar
/listevent Shows you all events currently on the calendar


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following lines:
3. restart xaseco


To add chat commands:
1. Open plugins/XP-Plugins/chatmessages.xml with a text editor
2. You can now add messages by placing text like this between the <chatmessages> tags:
<msg> <command>nt</command> <description>Send a nice time message</description> <personal>false</personal> <message>{#interact}Nice Time!</message><!--Message 0 vars --> <message>{#interact}Nice Time {1}!</message><!--Message 1 var --> </msg>
The <msg> tag is required for every new command. The <command> is the command you want the players to type. The description is the description that displays in /helpall. And the first <message> defined is the message that will be displayed if the user uses no variables, like just: /nt. The second/thirth/fourth messages are for more variables, like "/nt Xai". Every variable can be shown with the {1} {2} or {3}. Finally you can set the <personal> variable to true if you just want to send the message back to the person who wrote the command.

Changes in v0.03

- Added custom chat commands

Changes in v0.02

- Adjusted the way sector records are displayed. Changed the onNewChallenge to onNewChallenge2, so now it actually displays the records of the current track. You have to empty your checkpoints table for this.




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