Team ranking

by Mistral




Compute the averages of all team members as a team average
The plugin will show a toplist of local registered teams based on the members average. It will compute a team average out of _all_ member's player average. The basic idea is to aggregate players already existing statistics as a team. A message feature is included for your own team.

Chat commands

/topteams - similar to /top5, just for teams (top15)
/team - command for teammanagement (just type it for online help and show your team)
/team create <shortname> <adminpass> <playerpass>
/team join <shortname> <playerpass>
/team add <login> <shortname> - server admins only - forces player to join team
/team leave
/team remove <login> - server admins only - forces player to leave his team
/team list [shortname] - show members and individual ranks (mutlipage)
/team rename <adminpass> <longname>
/team playerpass <adminpass> <newplayerpass>
/team adminpass <oldadminpass> <newadminpass>
/team kick <adminpass> <playerid>

/teamrank - will be similar to /rank - you can configure it to be shown automatically on every new track
/team msg - send a message to your online teammates
/tm - alias for /team msg


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


This plugin was created for the original Aseco/Rasp and may not work with XASECO.

Change notes

1.12 - minor bugfixes, made standalone again
1.1 - added /team add and /team remove for admins; replaced hardcoded "100" with "$maxrecs"
1.01 - fixed typo that got uploaded with wrong "1.00 - release"
1.00 - teams with only one member get an average of 100 (no "team"); teams with no members become delete on trackchange
0.94 - added $precision for "/team list" also
0.93 - added $precision for decimals of rank when displayed
0.92 - first release




File Version Date Size Downloads
teamranking(1.12).zip 1.12 2007-03-25 5.71 KB 1675