TeamSpeak 3

by Reaby




Include a TeamSpeak 3 widget & info on server
Shows TeamSpeak 3 users on specific server. Upon click to widget opens up stats window to show who are on server, and a join button.


The whole plugin relies on code by: Sebastien Gerard <> So give him credit for this.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. configure settings to match your server
4. restart xaseco


Configure settings in teamspeak3.xml.

Changes in v0.60

- added subchannels and password options for channel
- added configure options for changing place of widget
- added configure options for custom url of helpers & images
- updated gateway-script

Changes in v0.55

- a patch by XXX-ant, forgot that serverport is needed to join server with non default port

Changes in v0.51

- really fast fix for not shutting down of xaseco, when ts3 info cannot be fetched from server

Changes in v0.5

- update backend script to support new version of servers

Changes in v0.4

- added support for joining directly to channel

Changes in v0.3

- applied nocturne's patch

Changes in v0.2

- fixed join button & gateway script




File Version Date Size Downloads
teamspeak3(0.60).zip 0.60 2011-03-14 10.56 KB 2228
teamspeak3(0.55).zip 0.55 2010-06-01 7.55 KB 1772
teamspeak3(0.51).zip 0.51 2010-05-31 7.52 KB 1550
teamspeak3(0.5).zip 0.5 2010-05-31 7.52 KB 1425
teamspeak3(0.4).zip 0.4 2010-05-14 7.31 KB 1279
teamspeak3(0.3).zip 0.3 2010-03-13 7.49 KB 1301
teamspeak3(0.1).zip 0.1 2010-02-26 6.72 KB 1361