by Vineeth




Displays details about a tournament on the server
Users can view all details in relation to the tournament on the server with the "/tournament" chat command and can register in-game while playing in the server with the "/tour_reg" command which gets saved to the database.

Chat commands

/tournament - Tournament Details / View all commands
/tour_tracks - To view the names of the 5 tracks and authors

/tour_date - Tournament date and time
/tour_prizes - Tournament prizes
/tour_details - Details about the tournament race
/tour_contact - Contact Admins

/tour_list - To view a list of all registered users so far. Can be accesed by all players
/tour_reg - Register for the tournament
/tour_del - Unregister from Tournament
/tour_total - view total scores

/tour_kick - MasterAdmin can Kick Unregistered players from server
/totale - enable totalling for the track
/totaleoff - disable totalling for the track


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. if your xaseco database in mysql is named different than 'aseco', edit the first line in custom_tracktimes.sql
3. import tour.sql to your xaseco database, you can use some frontend program, or type in the shell in the xaseco base directory:
mysql -u root -p < tour.sql
note that it will ask you for mysql root password. if you prefer using different user, replace root with your username.
4. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
5. restart xaseco


Settings are hard-coded in plugin file itself. Changing the plugin code itself requires intermediate PHP skills.


When you're playing the actual tournament track, MasterAdmin must type in /totale either at the start of that race or in between the race, this will tell my plugin that you want the standings and scores for this race stored into the database once it's finished.
You should only do it on the track on which the race is being hosted. and IF you do enable it by mistake on another track, then there's the /totaleoff command to disable it.

Changes in v0.2.5

- Updated the REGISTERED PLAYERS manialink which can be viewed by the command "/tour_list".
- Previously it was a fixed page which could show limited no. of registered players.
- Now changed it to a multi page manialink, which displays 10 registered players/page and you can go through the other pages to see all the registered players.




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