Cross Server Chat

by Reaby




Allows to chat across two servers
Purpose of the plugin is to provide a chat link between two or more servers. The plugin is compatible with custom chat.

Chat commands

/xlink -> will popup list of external servers, if you click on servername it will show all players connected to the server.
/pmx [login] [message] -> will try to send a whisper to login over linked network. There's no check what-so-ever, so no error message if player wasn't found.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


On dedicated server change file GameData/Config/dedicated_cfg.txt to have the following line:
Remember also that you must change superadmin, admin and user passwords into something that can't be guessed, as your server can now be remote controlled.

Known Bugs

Telnet session must be initialized by pressing enter once or plugin will halt.

Changes in v0.41

- missing files added

Changes in v0.4

- added new feature: webchat




File Version Date Size Downloads
xserver_chat(0.41).zip 0.41 2010-10-27 54.06 KB 1773
xserver_chat(0.4).zip 0.4 2010-10-27 53.35 KB 1325
xserver_chat(0.3).zip 0.3 2010-10-26 23.9 KB 1497
xserver_chat(0.2).zip 0.2 2010-10-25 19.8 KB 1294
xserver_chat(0.1).zip 0.1 2010-05-28 1.29 KB 1340