Alternate Scoretable





Alternate scoreboard with more player information
This plugin is an alternative Scoretable, it looks nicer and shows more information of each player:
- Player Position
- Player Avatar
- Player Nickname
- The current best time/score for this Track
- The personal best time/score for this Track
- Total-Score at this Server and this Session
- Amount how often this Track was finished or other related counts/scores (depends on GameMode)
- The current Ladder-Rank
- The current Ladder-Score
- The Online-Time since connect to this Server

Gamemodes: Rounds, Team, TimeAttack, Stunts, Laps and Cup are supported.
The Layout of the Scoretable in Team-Mode is just a little bit different as the other one.

Chat commands

MasterAdmin can switch the visibility of the Alternate-Scoretable at layer-Finish with the commands:
/scoretable hideatfinish
/scoretable showatfinish


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. setup the alternate_scoretable.xml to your needs
3. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
4. restart xaseco


Configure the scoreboard and other parameters in alternate_scoretable.xml.


- XASECO/1.16+ is required
- This Plugin works only with TMF
- Hardcoded limit of Players in Scoretable in the Gamemodes Rounds, TimeAttack, Stunts, Laps and Cup are 300 and 40 Players in Gamemode Team (20 Players for each Team).

Changes in v0.9.2

- none

Changes in the alternate_scoretable.xml:
- Changed all <urls>'s to ManiaCDN

- none

Changes in v0.9.1

- This version require XAseco/1.16+
- Now it is possible to change the number format with <features><number_format>
- Changed all Gamemode Ids to the new Gameinfo constants from XAseco/1.15

Changes in the alternate_scoretable.xml:
- Added <number_format>
- Changed all <urls>*

- Game freeze after "Synchronization" from the dedicated server (thanks MSPX)
- [PHP Notice] Undefined variable: rank_count on line 971

Changes in v0.9.0

NOTE: There is a Bug in Gamemode 'Cup' in the Dedicated-Server (see with this the Alternate-Scoretable is unable to display Rankings at Score.

- Resorted the columns and include an new one: "Last" won LadderPoints
- Changed the Position from the Scoretable at Score a little bit higher to let the fit into the center
- PlayerPlaces now display the Place a Player reached only in 'TimeAttack' and 'Stunts', because in the other Gamemodes the Place the Player reached are only available when the Round end. In 'Rounds', 'Laps' and 'Cup' Gamemodes it display that the Player has finished the Round (as the original also does).
- Within Warm-Up and the event onEndRound the Alternate-Scoretable is hidden in all Gamemodes
- At the event onPlayerFinish the Alternate-Scoretable is hidden in the Gamemode 'Cup'
- Now it is possible to setup the Position of the Window with <window> (thanks yamyam)

Changes in the alternate_scoretable.xml:
- Added <window>*

- If a Player use the chat command "/scoretable" then XAseco crash
- Position of the Header and Icon "Score" in the Gamemodes 'Rounds', 'Laps' and 'Cup'
- PlayerPlaces display in 'Rounds', 'Team' and 'Cup' wrong Places (thanks TheBigG)

Changes in v0.8.9

- SpeedUp the send out of ManiaLinks
- Added the AddFavorite-Button
- Changed the internal Datastructure from object to array
- Include an new option for <graphic_mode>: 'minimal' which display no GFX- or Colored-Backgrounds for the Player lines

Changes in the alternate_scoretable.xml:
- Documentation changed at <graphic_mode>
- Changed the location of the ingame graphics <urls>*

- If more then 20 Players at Score to display and the Player clicks the next Page button, then the Close-Button are displayed too

Changes in v0.8.8

- Changed from formatTime() (from to an own formating function
- If a Player is leave the server, then all colors at the Nickname are removed; also the Spectator-Status is removed
- At event onShutdown now the 'ManualFlowControlEnable' is disabled to make sure the Dedicated-Server have the control back again
- Changed the Icon of United-Players to an orange instead the green one
- Reduced the calls of the list method 'GetCurrentRanking' and refresh only at the event onFinish
- Added a refresh button, to refresh the actual page instead of go back and forward
- Added no graphics mode where no external graphics are used, the colors of each bar are adjustable (thanks tyjo)
- Added the possibility to change the Color and Opacity of the Window-Background (thanks TheBigG)
- Added global Plugins Register Pool to enabling version check (for plugin.third-party-plugins-uptodate.php)
- Reduced the copy of $aseco and use the global one
- Remove delayed calls for all Players at onEndRace1 to prevent multiple display of the Scoretable at Score
- Added an optical indicator for the click-ability of each line from a Player (only when not disconnected)
- Changed the sending of a <custom_ui> from everytime to only at Player connect
- New PlayerPlaceWidget included, which replace the in-game one (position, text size... are adjustable)
- Reduced the Query of 'GetCurrentRanking' at the event onPlayerFinish

Changes in the alternate_scoretable.xml:
- Removed <messages_in_window>, because it is unused since 0.8.4
- Added <graphic_mode>
- Added <colors>
- Added <player_places_widget>

- Include the missed Flag fix from 0.8.6
- Work-a-round: If a Player has won Ladder-Points at an other Server, hide them at the current Server (thanks Knutselmaaster)
- In some situations the next button are clickable, but the next Page is empty
- The Quicklink Button are unable to disable (thanks TheBigG)

Changes in v0.8.7

- Bugfix: Freeze Dedicated-Server at Trackchange when a Player has already leaved and the Dedicated-Server has not already started a Callback to XASECO (thanks DjDesidera)

Changes in v0.8.6

- NOTE: This version require now XASECO/1.12 or up!
- Removed the action at onRestartChallenge because XASECO/1.12 handles this work-a-round now at himself
- Including a Flag fix for the nations: 'SCG' to 'SRB', 'ROM' to 'ROU' and 'CAR' to 'CMR'
- Changed in Gamemode 'Rounds' the Time to Score
- Changed in Gamemode 'Rounds' the "FinishCount" from 'Score' to the 'FinishCount'
- Changed in Gamemode 'Laps' the Time to Score
- Changed in Gamemode 'Laps' the "FinishCount" from 'Score' to the 'FinishCount'
- Changed in Gamemode 'Rounds' and 'Team' the display after Player finished, now only at EndRound the Scoretable are displayed
- If a Player has the Worldrank -1, now the Scoretable display this as 0
- Colored Nicknames of disconnected Players are now with a lower opacity too
- Hide the Alternate Scoretable at event onEndRace1 to prevent double display/sending when a player finished the Map at the last second
- Include a prevention for displaying the Automatic Scoretable instead Alternate Scoretable at Score
- Bugfix: Wrong handling of $$ in Nicknames, also now remove Links and Manialinks from Nicknames (to prevent unwanted clicks)
- Bugfix/Work-a-round: The Last won Ladders was adds up twice (or more), if the Player did not has gain LadderPoints after two or more Tracks
- Bugfix: Unable to open the Player-Details-Window: Since XASECO/1.12 the $player->id changed from Dedicated-PlayerID to Database-PlayerID

Known bugs

- The Total Ladder-Score are display delayed for one Track, because the 'LadderScore' in the ListMethod GetCurrentRanking() from the dedicated Server are not refreshed within the Score. It takes some time the 'LadderScore' is refreshed.
- Fix the displaying of avatar of the player himself, currently are not displaying, other Player-Avatars are displayed.




File Version Date Size Downloads
alternate_scoretable(0.9.2).zip 0.9.2 2016-07-20 92.26 KB 1212
alternate_scoretable(0.9.1).zip 0.9.1 2013-10-09 92.23 KB 1463
alternate_scoretable(0.9.0).zip 0.9.0 2011-11-20 94.64 KB 1969
alternate_scoretable(0.8.9).zip 0.8.9 2011-11-06 93.5 KB 1333
alternate_scoretable(0.8.8).zip 0.8.8 2011-06-28 93.09 KB 1498
alternate_scoretable(0.8.7).zip 0.8.7 2010-11-12 89.61 KB 1626