Auto Team Adjustment





Automatic adjustment of teams in Team mode
This Plugin is for automatic adjustment of Teams in Team-Mode. If a Player join to the Server, this Plugin compares the Team Blue and Red and force the new Player into one of this Team. Comparing of the Teams are made with Player count and the "Skill" of each Player of the Teams.

This Plugin is still beta and the result are not complete tested.

This Plugin runs with XAseco and XAseco2, you can install it at both Controllers.


1. unzip the script to xaseco[2] base directory
2. edit xaseco[2]'s plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco[2]

Changes in v0.9.5

- This release require min. XAseco2/1.03 or XAseco/1.16!
- Changed all Gamemode Ids to the new Gameinfo constants

Changes in v0.9.4

- Bugfix: Check for the XAseco version didn't catch all situations

Changes in v0.9.3

- Bugfix: Changed PlayerStoring from Object to Array

Changes in v0.9.2

- Including Support for Trackmania2 (ManiaPlanet)

Changes in v0.9.1

- Added global Plugins Register Pool to enabling version check (for plugin.third-party-plugins-uptodate.php)




File Version Date Size Downloads
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.5).zip 0.9.5 2013-10-09 15.11 KB 1423
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.4).zip 0.9.4 2012-02-19 15.11 KB 1399
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.3).zip 0.9.3 2011-09-17 15.81 KB 1457
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.2).zip 0.9.2 2011-09-11 15.77 KB 1435
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.1).zip 0.9.1 2011-02-23 15.59 KB 1703
auto_team_adjustment(0.9.0).zip 0.9.0 2010-06-30 15.25 KB 1475