Manage Gerymania records in Stunts mode

This plugin no longer works as Gery shut down everything.

This Plugin works with the well-known Gerymania from the Server-Controller TM Gery. Gerymania is similar to Dedimania (a world records database), but only for the Gamemode 'Stunts'.

There is really no Widgets that are displayed, this Plugin works like Dedimania. If you want to have a Records-Widget for the Gerymania-Records, then try the Records-Eyepiece, that has built-in support for this Gerymania-Plugin.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


Configure the messages and other parameters in gerymania.xml.


- TM2 does not support 'Stunts' right now (2011-10-23), so this Plugin is currently useless
- This Plugin works only in the Gamemode 'Stunts'
- This Plugin works only with XAseco/1.14+
- This Plugin works only with Trackmania Forever (TMF)

Changes in v0.9.6

- Added the event 'onGerymaniaRecordsLoaded' which is released when the Records from the global Database are loaded at a new Track

Changes in v0.9.5

- Added global Plugins Register Pool to enabling version check (for plugin.third-party-plugins-uptodate.php)
- Switched from event 'onStartup' to 'onSync'
- Removed <remote_call_url> and <request_authenticate> from gerymania.xml

Changes in v0.9.4

- Changes in the gerymania.xml: Changed <request_authenticate>; NOTE: You need to use this content instead the old (if you upgrade from 0.9.x)!
- On connection error, now this Plugin retry to get the Records for a Challenge

Changes in v0.9.3

- First beta release




File Version Date Size Downloads
gerymania(0.9.6).zip 0.9.6 2012-02-17 19.24 KB 1495
gerymania(0.9.5).zip 0.9.5 2011-10-23 19.16 KB 1264
gerymania(0.9.4).zip 0.9.4 2010-12-29 18.53 KB 1376
gerymania(0.9.3).zip 0.9.3 2010-10-20 18.09 KB 1367