Personal Best Checkpoints





Display differences between checkpoint times for each run
This Plugin is useful on Train-Servers and maybe RPG-Servers. It displays the differences between your own Checkpoint-Times for each run.

The first run on a Challenge are now preset with a local driven record, so you can compare from the first run your Checkpoint times. This feature is only active if less than 32 Players connected to the Server to prevent long loads on Database access.

Currently it supports the Gamemodes: Rounds, TimeAttack, Team, Laps, Stunts, Cup.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


- In Cup-Mode in the Warm-Up phase this Widget do not display any Checkpoint times
- This Plugin works only with XAseco/1.14+
- This Plugin works only with Trackmania Forever (TMF)

Changes in v1.3.2

- Switched from event onEndRace to onEndRace1
- SpeeUp the display/hide from the Widget in all situations

Changes in v1.3.1

- Switched from event onStartup to onSync
- Changed from formatTime() from to an own formating function
- Changed the (default) display of the differences of the Checkpoint time from e.g. "+1.14" to "+0:01.14", if you want to have the old one, just change $pbcps_config['WIDGET']['FULLTIME'] to 'false'
- Better Spectator verification for Gamemodes Rounds, Team and Cup
- Changed the Help to fit into all Gamemodes
- Added global Plugins Register Pool to enabling version check (for plugin.third-party-plugins-uptodate.php)

Changes in v1.3

- Change at event onNewChallenge2 from query the dedicated server to get the required variables from $current_item
- New feature: The last reached Checkpoint is now marked, if you restart a map before reaching the finish
- Bugfix: Reseting Checkpoint times from every Player when an new Player join to the Server. (thanks nouse)
- Bugfix: Trying to get property of non-object on line 365... onCheckpoint Event calls to early.

Changes in v1.2

- Bugfix: At XASECO start and crossing a Checkpoints that's results in a PHP Warning
- Bugfix: If no Player are online then do not try to load the Player Checkpoint times (thanks biloudeprovence)
- Bugfix: If the Player press DEL to restart the run or when finished the run, then do not display the first Checkpoint-Color at the ColorBar

Changes in v1.1

- Preset at the first run the Checkpoint times from a local record (if one was driven), otherwise empty as before

Changes in v1.0

- Fixed a Bug at Checkpoints time calculation for Multilap Maps
- Fixed the display of the Score in Gamemode 'Stunts'

Changes in v0.9.9

- Fixed the Checkpoints time at Multilap Maps and Cup-Mode

Changes in v0.9.8

- Fixed the version compare of the installed XASECO

Changes in v0.9.7

- Now supporting Rounds, TimeAttack, Team, Laps, Stunts and Cup Gamemodes
- Bugfix: Displaying wrong times and Checkpoint-Numbers in Rounds-Mode
- Bugfix: If a Player changes into Spectator Mode hide this Widget, do not overlay (thanks marco)




File Version Date Size Downloads
personal_best_cps(1.3.2).zip 1.3.2 2011-10-23 21.48 KB 1786
personal_best_cps(1.3.1).zip 1.3.1 2011-06-28 21.23 KB 1396
personal_best_cps(1.3).zip 1.3 2011-01-02 20.57 KB 1384
personal_best_cps(1.2).zip 1.2 2010-10-17 20.18 KB 1313