by Reaby




Randomly give coppers as Christmas presents
Merry Christmas, the Santa has come to your server to give coppers for all the good players all around the globe. He will appear in random time at random place in game area, if you are fast enough to hit it with mouse you have chance 40:100 to win coppers 5-25cc (default).
The Christmas Jackpot 500cc (default) can occur, it's randomized every time santa comes to server, chance is 1:1000 by default.

Chat commands

/santa on - enable santa
/santa off - disable santa


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. setup the santa.xml to your needs
3. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
4. restart xaseco


Configure the messages and other parameters in santa.xml.

Changes in v1.21

- fixes the santa. i forgot again to disable the nations check.

Changes in v1.2

- added message to players when connecting
- winning messages are shown to all players
- santa begs for more coppers if they are low on server
- santa image is now transparent, for better looks

Changes in v1.1

- fixed issue with starting the plugin, tested with united server and good to use now




File Version Date Size Downloads
santa(1.21).zip 1.21 2010-12-23 126.34 KB 1461