by Reaby




Run team-based relay race mode
This plugin runs a virtual game mode where players race in teams against each other in a continuous race over a number of stages or legs. Players within a team take turns in racing each leg (as in a relay race).
Players vote to select an environment and a map to race on. Then choose teams. Players can practice during the warmup (team selection timeout) to learn the track, then the race begins.
An optional competition mode can be enabled that awards points over a set number of races (similar to the normal cup mode).

Chat commands

When you start xaseco the plugin will be disabled. You have to enable the relay-mode by a chat command. Everything else is then handled by the plugin.

In-game commands for all players:
/relay name <name of the team> - only during team select phase
/relay lock - only during team select phase
/relay unlock - only during team select phase
/relay help

In-game commands for admins (xaseco admins and masteradmins):
/relay start - Enables relay race mode
/relay stop - Disables relay race mode
/relay comp <number> - Starts a competition over a set number of races
/relay select - Enables environment and track selection
/relay selectoff - Disables environment and track selection
/relay spec - Forces all players to spectator. Only for bug usage
/relay specoff - Forces all players to be players Only for bug usage
/relay kick - Kicks a player from relay mode


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. edit relayrace.xml in xaseco base directory to suit your needs
4. restart xaseco


Configure the race settings and other parameters in relayrace.xml.
You can change the defaults of plugin here, so you don't need to be change the settings in-game all the time. The file is structured and well commented, and more info is in the included documentation.

Known bugs

- Do not use call votes when Relay is enabled, this will cause malfunction.
- Do not use "/relay start" again if relay is already enabled, to force a new vote when Warm up phase is on.

Changes in v1.3

- Forces all team members to a spectator target automatically at first and second-last checkpoint
- New command /relay kick for admins to dismiss a player from relay mode

Changes in v1.2

- Give up is fixed finally = total team time is added + cp's is reset
- If admin skips challenge or call vote skips the challenge, the relayrace is reset to select teams screen

Changes in v1.1

- Checkpoint counter on Give up is fixed (see later posting on this thread)
- Nicknames containing hyphens can now be displayed with manialink, so the plugin shouldn't crash anymore.




File Version Date Size Downloads
relayrace(1.3).zip 1.3 2011-12-23 210.67 KB 1725
relayrace(1.2).zip 1.2 2011-12-22 209.97 KB 1389
relayrace(1.1).zip 1.1 2011-03-29 209.73 KB 1371
relayrace(1.0).zip 1.0 2010-08-04 209.83 KB 1352