Stalker's Tools

by Terron




Various tools for admins


Admin protection against Kick/Ban callvotes.
Manialink windows are closed on challenge end or challenge begin to avoid empty manialink windows.
All manialinks are hidden on XASECO shutdown (already exists in XASECO 1.12).
FuFi menu integration.
Disabled forced music on XASECO shutdown.

Chat commands

Use /st as prefix:
help - show availible commands, usage: /st help
fwdpms - forwards all PMs to you, usage: /st fwdpms <on/off/permanent>
chatall - show extended chat history, usage: /st chatall [page]
cc - clear chatlog/chatall, usage: /st cc [all]
ce - exports chatlog to txt file, usage: /st ce <filename> <all>, use /st ce for more information
ignore - hide chat panel for specified login, usage: /st ignore <login> [minutes]
unignore - show chat panel for specified login, usage: /st unignore <login>
listignores - show chat-disabled players list, usage: /st listignores
cleanignores - clean chat-disabled players list, usage: /st cleanignores
fstate - force player state, usage: /st fstate <ID> <state> [targetID [camera]] , use /st fstate for more information
fstates - list of forced-state players, usage: /st fstates
specme - force player to spec you, usage: /st specme <login>
vote - start custom callvote, usage: /st vote "<message> [:pass_cmd[:failcmd" [timeout [ratio]]


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco


This plugin is usable only by MasterAdmins.
Disable the Extended Chatlog plugin if you're using it, as that's already included in this plugin.




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