by Spyker




Replace the normal Trackmania finish panel with a custom one
plugin.spykescore.php uses the score finish panel nicofinish in Rounds and Time Attack modes and a specific score finish panel in Team mode. Provides specific widgets for match: blue team and red team on race, infos game, scores etc. Includes its own menu entries in Fufi's Menu.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. if present, delete the line containing:
4. deactivate fufi localrecordswidget, dedimaniawidget and liverankingswidget in state id 2 in fufi_widgets_xaseco.xml
5. restart xaseco


Configure the panels in spykescore.xml.

Changes in v1.4b

Some errors with some bad copy/paste are now fixed

Changes in v1.4

General update for XAseco v1.06-v1.12

Changes in v1.3

1. the duration of the scoring is now "normal"
2. The scoring of each team is now fixed
3. improving the flow of the game without "lag"

Changes in v1.2

1. little bug fixed
2. spykemenu has been modified for a better access to "forceteam"
3. replaced "login name" with the "nickname" in the server chat

Changes in v1.1

1. Adds settings possibities to hide or show all widgets on race or on "endround".
2. Adds a TM windows into spykemenu to force a player or a spectator into red or blue team.

Initial release v1.0 for XAseco v1.06-v1.12

1. Widgets Infos Live:
a/list of players on each team on race (spectators are not taken into account and are not counted towards the score) you will know in a glance if each team has the correct number and who's in race ^^.
b/infos game panel telling you what points system you are, the maximum number of points for the first finish player etc
2. Widgets Score:
Results of progressive match, in terms of points for each team (points earned for winning the round, number of rounds won for the set in progress, number of rounds won in total and the number of sets (challenges) earned, automatic scores to 0 on end match...
3. Menu:
Integrated menu for your settings into xaseco menu (put the scores at 0, predetermined number of challenges to play your match, number of rounds by winning the challenge, WU, system's point (new rules "on " or point system....etc...)
4. Settings:
an xml file to configure your widgets.

Initial release v1.0 for XAseco v1.13


Forum: https://www.tm-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=27895


File Version Date Size Downloads
spykescore(1.4b).zip 1.4b 2011-05-21 9.46 KB 1499
spykescore(1.4).zip 1.4 2011-05-01 9.46 KB 1317
spykescore(1.3).zip 1.3 2011-04-01 9.4 KB 1354
spykescore(1.2).zip 1.2 2011-03-23 9.39 KB 1318
spykescore(1.1).zip 1.1 2011-03-21 9.4 KB 1268
spykescore(1.0).zip 1.0 2011-03-11 7.15 KB 1335
spykescore_v113(1.0).zip 1.0 2011-05-01 9.52 KB 1291