by Leigham




Allows players to pay coppers in order to replay a track
Coppers go to the server account, so it must be TMUF.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco

Changes in v1.22

- Fixed a bug causing the TMU version to incorrectly read tracks (thanks Blackbird111).
- Fixed a positioning error when displaying a blinking message.
- Fixed a bug causing replays to always display as a maximum after the first (thanks TheBigG).

Changes in v1.21

- Fixed a bug causing the wrong widget to be occasionally displayed when a player connects during a replay.

Changes in v1.20

- Fixed a bug causing replays to be delayed if payment is recieved during scoreboard (thanks yamyam).
- Added the option to limit the number of replays on a track.
- Added the option for a blinking message informing players of a replay.
- Added official(ish) support for the eyepiece-esque version of the plugin (designed by TheBigG).

Changes in v1.17

- Fixed a bug causing players joining at score to be shown the widget (thanks TheBigG).

Changes in v1.16

- Fixed a bug where new players may still be able to pay to replay a track even if a replay is scheduled (thanks TheBigG).

Changes in v1.15

- Fixed a bug where jukebox already containing tracks caused replay to fail.
- Added support for's Third-Party Plugins UpToDate.

Changes in v1.1

- No changes to the plugin at all. Added an unnecessary xml config file.




File Version Date Size Downloads
replaycharge(1.22).zip 1.22 2012-02-22 3.02 KB 1374
replaycharge-re(1.22).zip 1.22 2012-02-22 3.13 KB 2082
replaycharge(1.21).zip 1.21 2012-02-22 3.02 KB 1249
replaycharge-re(1.21).zip 1.21 2012-02-22 3.13 KB 1242
replaycharge(1.20).zip 1.20 2012-02-14 2.85 KB 1291
replaycharge-re(1.20).zip 1.20 2012-02-14 2.96 KB 1356
replaycharge(1.17).zip 1.17 2012-02-11 2.65 KB 1305
replaycharge(1.16).zip 1.16 2011-12-06 2.62 KB 1378
replaycharge(1.15).zip 1.15 2011-11-01 2.57 KB 1435
replaycharge(1.1).zip 1.1 2011-10-14 2.48 KB 1309
replaycharge(1.0).zip 1.0 2011-06-12 1.99 KB 1378