XASECO1/2 Plugins

The main XASECO (aseco.php) and XASECO2 (xaseco2.php) programs are merely frameworks as all user features and commands are provided by plugins. While XASECO and XASECO2 come with a large number of standard plugins in the official distribution, an even larger collection of third-party plugins allow you to customize your server with special features.

In the Repositories for XASECO and for XASECO2 you can browse through all properly released plugins. Information available for each plugin includes the description, author, latest version number, installation instructions, the chat commands that the plugin may add, the config file it may use, other notes, and of course the download(s).

Future expansions of this repository may include screenshots and more. Documentation on plugin development is also planned for this section.

Some prolific plugin authors have created their own sites, which can be accessed here:
Last updated: 2022-12-12