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Clean-up/maintenance for local database
DBTools can perform many tasks on your database like:
- Backup your database locally or to FTP
- Restore a database backup from local file or from FTP
- Manage your backups (Automatically delete old backups after a given time) locally or on FTP
- Automatically perform optimizations/backups at a customizable time
- Optimize the database
- Repair the database
- Remove old tracks (including records, votes,...) from the database that are no more in the challengelist
- Remove all records behind position XX
- Remove all records/votes of a specific login
- Remove all records/votes of a specific track
- Remove records of cheaters that are on the Dedimania-Blacklist and optionally add them to your local blacklist. This feature is currently available for TMF only because we don't have a global TM2-Blacklist yet.
- Reset all user styles
- Wipe the database
- Clear the TimePlayed of all or of a specific login
- Clear the wins of all or of a specific login
- Clear Karma-Votes for a track / of a player / of all tracks
- ...

Chat commands

Just use the command /dbtools help for more information (The command is available for MasterAdmins only!).


1. unzip the script to xaseco[2] base directory
2. edit xaseco[2]'s plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. restart xaseco[2]


Configure the scheduling, FTP server and other parameters in dbtools.xml.


- Works with XAseco 1.14 (TMF) and XAseco2 v1.0 (TM2)
- Always make a backup of your database first, DBTools comes with absolutely no warranty
- It's strongly recommended to restart XAseco1/2 after executing one of the commands
- It's strongly recommended to create an own directory for backups

Changes in v1.0.7.1

- Also delete secrecs (by amgreborn)

Changes in v1.0.7

- Added general Mode-Selector: FTP or LOCAL for backups.
- Added backup restore directly from FTP
- Added check if FTP-Server is reachable on startup (in FTP-Mode only)
- Added <week> to scheduling (These are the calendar weeks from 1 to max 53).
- Scheduling <day> and <week> can now be set to ALL
- Added automatic deletion of old backups on the FTP-Server (configurable via <ftp_prune_after>)
- Added automatic deletion of old local backups (configurable via <backup_local_prune_after>)
- Added <blocked_commands> to the xml to disable selected features
- Added /dbtools listbackups command
- Added /dbtools deletebackup <ID> command
- Added the variable #DATE# to include the current timestamp into the backup filename
- Changed the /dbtools restore command -- You must now restore the backups via the ID..Example: /dbtools restore 1
- /dbtools restore no more accepts custom filenames! Filename must be set in dbtools.xml!
- Disabled <allow_customfilenames> by default -- it makes no sense
- Better structure for the /dbtools help command
- All backups must have the .sql ending
- Added checks if the backup directory is writable

Changes in v1.0.6

- Added the command offsetdelete to delete records behind a defined position
- Added the command "/dbtools help <COMMAND>" for more details on the usage

Changes in v1.0.5

- Added the Console-Window
- Added sync with Dedi-Blacklist (cheaters command)
- Added karmaclear, karmaclearthis, karmaclearlogin

Changes in v1.0.4

- Added support for undef.de's "Third-party Plugins UpToDate"
- Fixed an issue with the command cleanupdb
- Added misconfiguration checks
- Added <ftp_port> and <ftp_timeout> to the dbtools.xml
- Added the possibility to delete the local backup after uploading
- Added <scheduling_enabled> to the dbtools.xml

Changes in v1.0.3

- Added uploading backups to an external FTP-Server
- Added scheduling

Changes in v1.0.2

- Added Backup/Restore

Changes in v1.0.1

- Bugfixed command clearstyles


Forum: https://www.tm-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=29349
Homepage: http://punkr.de/dbtools-plugin


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