Custom Chatbox

by Reaby




Customize text chat shown in server
The plugin gives you a possibility to change chat text format and replace badwords to something more suitable.


The plugin provides:
- basic bad word filter
- custom look to chat text
- improved muting (admins) and ignoring (players)

Chat commands

/ignore - Ignores user from chat
Only for Admins (any level):
/mute - Globally mute user from chat


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line to be the FIRST entry:
3. in plugins.xml disable this line:
4. edit the customchat.xml to suit your needs
5. restart xaseco


customchat.xml has editable fields:
badwords_filter --> true or false
badwords_list --> separate replaceable badwords with comma, there must be at least 2 badwords
badword_replace --> what you want to replace badword with. Note: some characters don't work, if so, the output will be muted, I haven't found a solution to this
chat_format --> format your custom chat here, use color codes and whatever, {#nick} will be replaced by nickname and {#chat} will be the chat

Known Bugs

- customchat.xml doesn't support utf-8 charracters, like é and it also lacks for support special characters like: ", ¤ and %




File Version Date Size Downloads
custom_chatbox(0.4).zip 0.4 2011-01-11 2.82 KB 1583
custom_chatbox(0.3).zip 0.3 2010-05-30 2.35 KB 1584
custom_chatbox(0.2).zip 0.2 2010-02-04 1.34 KB 1189