by nWotK & W1lla




Interconnect TrackmaniaServer to IRC channel
Heavily modified version of the IRC bot which was included with the original Aseco/RASP.

- Relay game scores and times and playernames from all gamemodes (team, rounds and time attack)
- Relay chat from IRC to TMN and the other way around ** NEW in v0.4 **

In Team Mode:
- Show the top x playernames and their times each lap.
- Live Team score update each lap.
- Blue colors for blueteam players and Red colors for redteam players.
- Give names to the Blue and Red team.

In Rounds mode:
- Show the top x playernames and their times each lap. - Live Top player score each lap.

In Time Attack mode:
- Show the top x playernames and their times on each map.

General features:
- Chat through the BOT using a simple ingame command
- Join or Leave IRC channels
- Specify a IRC channel to broadcast in
- And alot more!

Chat commands for all

/ircinfo This will show info about the current IRC BOT status
/pmirc <IRCNICK> <some text here> Sends a msg to an IRC user

Chat commands for admin

See the forum page.


1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. edit aseco.php add following text after line 42:
require_once('includes/irc.settings.php'); // specific to IRCBOT
4. configure includes/irc.settings.php to match your #channel and network
5. restart xaseco


Settings are well documented, and can be found in includes/irc.settings.php.




File Version Date Size Downloads
ircbot(0.6).rar 0.6 2010-02-19 14 KB 1610
ircbot(0.5.1a).zip 0.5.1a 2009-12-13 14.86 KB 1421
ircbot(0.4.1).zip 0.4.1 2008-04-15 14.25 KB 1374