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Link all your servers to each other


Intermediate skills on Mysql is required to install this plugin.
1. unzip the script to xaseco base directory
2. edit xaseco's plugins.xml and include the following line:
3. Configure the plugin - see Settings below
4. restart xaseco


Create a new database and gain a user rights to select/read/update on it, note that if you run dedicated server on different domains, you must have enable mysql to listen incoming connections from internet. This is disabled on default mysql installs.

Open the file /plugins/plugin.zeroswitch.php and go to line 93. Modify these lines to your mysql connection (user and created database):
$mysql_login = 'YOUR_MYSQL_USER'; $mysql_ip = 'localhost'; $mysql_pw = 'YOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD'; $mysql_db = 'YOUR_DATABASE';
See the forum page for more configuration info and a FAQ.

Changes in v1.1a-f

- Some Bugfixes from 1.1

Changes in v1.1

- Serverslist now configurable via chat commands
- up to infinity servers ;)
- Settings like refresh_time, entry_count and display_state configurable via chat commands or via the Fufi menu!
- Settings can be global (for all servers) or local (just for the current server)
- Menu integration
- Help added
- 100% compatible to running 1.0 installation
- auto-install mode (just create database for installation, plugin installs all tables)

Changes in v1.0

- up to 5 servers
- if the server is full, you get a join as SPEC link and not a stupid join as PLAYER link, so you won't get a error on joining a full server
- automatic extending boxes, no manialink editing needed!
- no plugin modification needed, just copy it and activate it in plugins.xml - SQL based, not file based (easier to handle)
- Serverslist changeably at runtime! no Aseco restart needed to exchange/add servers!
- positing by x,y values, not needed to change the whole plugin, just these 2 numbers




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